Talkomatic: the first chat in computer history

Taking advantage of all the abundance of technologies that surrounds us at the moment, we do not even think how old they are. After all, the first chat will soon turn 50 years.

Chats "roulette" 2017

The peak of popularity of "roulette" as chats came in the middle of 2010, which spawned a whole series of clones. How has this type of communication changed at the moment, what is the perspective, what varieties are there now?

Top chats 2017

Anonymity is a great thing. Highest pleasure. This is something that you can not appreciate until you lose it. I remember, once I was examined by a doctor. He did not care who I am, what I do for a living. It was a great guy from Utah, probably the most simplehearted guy in the world. I even thought: maybe we could make great friends. (Bill Murray)

Anonymity online

Control over the everything online is no surprise to anyone. Is it possible to fight it? Should the secrecy of correspondence be neglected?