Top chats 2017

Anonymity is a great thing. Highest pleasure. This is something that you can not appreciate until you lose it. I remember, once I was examined by a doctor. He did not care who I am, what I do for a living. It was a great guy from Utah, probably the most simplehearted guy in the world. I even thought: maybe we could make great friends. (Bill Murray)

Published by Roman Vasilyev at 08/08/2017

Chats have become popular since the first human steps in computer networks and this was before the advent of the Internet. The first chat system Talkomatic was created in 1973 on the basis of a specialized education system PLATO. It’s easy to understand, because people just love to chat with other users, attract attention, find new friends and just have fun. Everyone chooses for himself the most convenient format of the Internet chat, which will be interesting and convenient to him personally. With the increase in the presence of special services, anonymous chat rooms have become more popular in the network. Platforms that do not require registration and do not collect personal user data.

Anonymous chat can be described as a system that does not require the disclosure of a person to communicate with other users. On a par with chats roulette many platforms work semi-anonymously, in others it is possible to reveal their anonymity only for a certain list of users, in most cases there is no anonymity function. Anonymous chat rooms reveal the whole essence of communication, help the user to relax and communicate on any topic. Anonymity at the present time is a unique privilege that is necessary for every user, especially in conditions of total control by governments.

It is really difficult to find a good platform for communication, and the functioning majority of chats is almost monotonous, but you can consider and highlight some.

As already noted, real anonymity online is simply not possible, but you can make the identification process simply incredibly complex.

So let’s highlight some of the most popular today:


An application for sharing photos, messages, video files and other files between users on the network. The unique function of Snapchat is that any file that the user sees when he logs into the profile of another recipient, only for 1-10 seconds, after that the file automatically disappears and it can not be seen any more. The time limit for viewing files is set by each user for himself, as it is more convenient for him.




Launched in 2009 by a Moscow schoolboy, providing an opportunity for anonymous communication with a casual interlocutor. In this chat, you can randomly access any visitor, with whom there will be video or text communication. Has a scandalous reputation “famous” for the constant demonstration of the sex organs by users.




The product is new, and therefore not yet quite popular. At the moment it consists of public rooms, a personal messenger and roulette - the ability to see users randomly and invite them to a chat, as well as participate in a roulette and have the opportunity to be invited by someone. The main difference from other similar projects is the ability to communicate anonymously and the strictest censorship. What really makes this chat stand out is similar to it, it’s an anonymous chat roulette . Of the audited chats, only then was it possible to see active censorship in action - not one inadequate interlocutor was seen in the chat. In the chat, in fact, there are two rules, one does not offend anyone and forbids any kind of harassment in public rooms.

Exists on most platforms: App Store, Google Play, there is a web interface, and also works on all desktops.