Chats "roulette" 2017

The peak of popularity of "roulette" as chats came in the middle of 2010, which spawned a whole series of clones. How has this type of communication changed at the moment, what is the perspective, what varieties are there now?

Published by Roman Vasilyev at 08/08/2017

To date, Internet communication is a major part of modern society and nowhere to go. Everyone uses a convenient Internet platform for communication and uses it at their own discretion. Basically these are modern online chat rooms, social networks, messengers and more. Ever since the first chat , the main goal is to make new acquaintances, have fun, have a good time and find a convenient interlocutor or partner with whom you can argue, enter into a dialogue or even quarrel, and in the most successful cases, To have a romantic relationship. As already noted in the publication of anonymity ononline , when communication is conducted on the Internet, anonymity and fun - this is the main criterion for such platforms. Therefore, the user also tries to find a suitable version of the Internet chat, where you can chat and have a good time, and the most successful way - it’s chat roulette. According to the top chats in these chat rooms there is absolutely everything that the modern user needs.

Advantages of chat roulettes to all have long been known, especially to users who like to spend time in these chat rooms. The main advantages in these chats are:

As you can see, chat roulettes have a huge positive experience behind their shoulders and many users help to cope with bad mood, get a charge of vivacity and good communication, as well as pleasure. But the negative side, there are also quite a lot of them:

It can not be said that there are much more negative sides in chat roulettes, on the contrary, with each update of one or another chat room, the chats are adjusted and improved. They improve and become even more suitable for communication. Therefore chat rooms are so popular and have a large audience. After all, the administration always tries to take care of the client, especially it is noticeable on new platforms that only reveal their potential. Basically, all chat rooms are anonymous, so spending time here is even more interesting and fun. There are such chats in the vastness of the network quite a lot, but there are three most popular:


Chat works as an anonymous platform with video content. It works on the principle of roulette. This principle, when the interlocutor does not even guess who can get to him for communication the next time, and communication can be conducted completely with a stranger who also randomly found the interlocutor. The chat has both positive and negative sides:



The most popular platform is the analogue of Chatroulette. Works on the same system of anonymity and chat-roulette, but the main audience is users from the CIS countries. Also has a huge popularity and very high quality software. Has its pros and cons:




less popular than the above chat rooms, but it’s a really good chat roulette with its unique advantages. Since, it is still damp, then the attendance of the chat is not as large as users would like. But the administration promises to improve it, that’s why it is in this troika, it’s an anonymous roulette chat. Advantages and disadvantages of the platform:




Summarizing, we can say that the chat roulette will always be very popular and bring success to its developers. After all, at all times people loved to communicate, and now in the age of computer technology, it is an indispensable part of our and your life. Having considered, with the example of three well-known chats, it is safe to say that their popularity will continue to grow for many years, especially such chatting as Lonje. After all, the developers here have tried to make it, the most attractive and thus safe. Therefore, in a new generation of chat platforms, popularity will be found precisely in such platforms for communication, where the interest will be roulette and anonymity.